Berke Marketing


This is my full service marketing agency. We're located in Irvine, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We do social media marketing, SEO, custom websites, graphic design and consulting.

Berke University


I teach social media online! I help people understand how to create a career using social media with online classes through video format. I've been in the industry for over 13+ years.

Devoted Society


Devoted Society is a clothing brand I started in 2013 or so. It's a lifestyle brand based around positivity. The business is currently down for renovations but will be up soon at some point.

About Us



This was my printing business. We offered an online service to print your own photos. The business is currently down and I may have plans to bring it back someday. Not too sure.



M3Connection is currently just an Instagram account where I share my favorite builds. I have plans to create it into a clothing brand hopefully one day!

2020 Company


I have a new company coming in 2020... Stay tuned!